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I'm sorry I've been neglecting my deviantart for some time.. I honestly just forgot I had it, and I've been spending a lot more time on my tumblr. I find it easier to get out to people and communicate on there.. It's just a little more fun tbh..

I just update my gallery and I should've submitted everything now, that wasn't in my gallery before.

Hope everyone is good :)

Please follow my art blog on tumblr
I am literally on there every day 

xx Sandra
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Am I the only one who have problems with submitting artwork?

When I submit a piece, the picture splits up my drawing and make them a weird color. Am I the only experiencing this, and if not how do I fix it?
Can't wait to finish off my internship, so I can get back to art. I miss drawing so much, you guys have no idea!!
Already have a loooong list of youtubers to draw and tons of other projects to get started on.

My fingers are itching!!!!
Thought it was only suitable with a little Journal Entry with some of my 2012 art highlights.

I can easily say that this year, drawing wise, have been VERY busy but totally awesome for me!
The biggest part of this year I've had no school or job, so I maked use of that time and drew loads and loads. Actually to the point I injured my shoulder. woops..

I've been super lucky to get some of my fav celebrities to notice me and my drawings, which has been such a high for me and my self-esteem.
Think it's only suitable to point out some of my highlights!:

- Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted tweeting me twice and following me in Marts, because he loved my drawing of him (
- Getting The Wanted to see all of my drawings on twitter
- Danielle Peazer tweeting me twice about my drawing and also showing it to Liam, in which she said he thought I was very very talented (
- A lovely friend of mine took my drawing of Lawson with her to England and gave it to Adam. (
- Anne, Harry Styles mom seeinng my drawing of Harry on twitter (
- Getting the chance to hand my drawing of Lawson to them in person when they came to Denmark (
- Getting, Marcus Butler, Sam Pepper, Zoella and Joe Sugg (all youtubers) to see my drawings!! ( , , ,
- Josh from Union J seeing my drawing on twitter, and absolutely loving it. He couldn't stop tweeting about it haha (
- Same day, the official british x factor posted the same drawing on their facebook page, where they've got 6,2 mio likes.. (This also got me a x factor sign from Josh and Jaymi from Union J)

I've been sooo lucky this year, I can't even comprehend it!!
Also I like to think I've extended my creativity and tried out different art styles. latest I've loved doing watercolor portraits of Union J. I am definitely gonna do that more. But I've also loved my one-color-portraits..

All in all a great great year for me. Let's hope next year's gonna be just half as good ^^

Happy New Years everybody, and thank you for all your lovely comments, faves and endless support. I really appreciate it!!
xxx Sandra Dee
A very sweet lady called Aunny from the Huffington post, asked me if I wanted to share my drawing in a new gallery on their website.

The gallery is up and I think you should go and check out the other lovely One Direction artwork! (:…

xx Sandra
Just wanted to say that anyone coming here on my dA, if you copy or trace my art, I won't think very highly of you.

There's a difference between inspiration and copying..

Just wanted to get that out there. I'm normally a nice person, who doesn't like to fight with people and having others think low of me. But this just pisses me off. I've come to that point, where I've given up on my pop art drawing of Harry Styles.. I don't even bother fighting about that anymore. But if I see copies of any of my other art, don't expect me to ignore it! My name and signature on my drawings isn't there to be deleted.

Now have a nice day, or goodnight where ever you are (: x Sandra
You guys continue to amaze me! Thank you so much for all this love and support.
Can't believe I've reched 10.000 pageviews, that really is amazing to me. 10.000 people (or so) wants to check out my account. That shit cray!

Just wanted to say thank you, because I wouldn't honestly draw so much as I do if it wasn't because of you guys.
So thank you x Sandra
... so there won't be any new drawing updates from me for two weeks at least.
Good news is that I'm going on vacation, but I already have a few commissions and drawings ideas for when I get home (;
I'm not planning on doing any drawing while away, I'm going relax as much as possible. Hopefully beat my bad shoulder from drawing too much.. Oh wait you guys don't know about that do you? Can't remember.
Well I hurt my shoulder, badly, from drawing. painkillers, massage and all. haha and even though it's been over a month, maybe two, I can still feel it /: meh

Anyways, have a great summer while I'm away.
Much love x Sandra
I can't!! The box with cathegories and choosing files won't show for me..
Is anyone having the same problem?

x Sandra
I m considering making a Group for artwork of The Wanted.
Would you join and submit your work if I did, and do some of you have experience with creating groups. Is it a lot of work?
Am I the only experiencing finding drawings here on DA, that people literally traced from your drawings?
I've found so many traced drawings of my 1D pop art drawings, that I've literally lost count. I'm not even kidding.

I am experiencing a lot of this at the moment. And I'm kinda sick of it. Do people not realize that this is not okay, or?

I don't think I'll be doing anymore pop art drawings of 1D, because I've only found to regret it, in terms of it getting stolen, copied, traced etc. /:

Yeah I just wanted to share that with the world, because I am so freaking happy I'm afraid I will burst open and butterflies and unicorns will come out of me!!!!DEbehxu fg RWeh uiewfgxueidn v
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So I just found out somoene copied some of my One Direction drawings. The style, writing, even my signature crown.

I'm fucking mad.

Do people not know this is not okay? Or am I just really overreacting right now?
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If anyone have twitter and tumblr please follow me and come say Hi. I'd love to talk to some of your from here

My twitter: @sandraludvigsen
My personal tumblr which mainly consist of One Direction, The Wanted and The Jonas Brothers:
My sideblog for art:

If you decide to follow me, come say hi and say you came from here (:

Hope you're all good,
xx Sandra
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It's been a while since I did a journal entry. To be honest I don't really use my journal, but it's still nice to have some times.
Like now, when I really just want to thank everybody who favs and comment my drawings, and the few who add me to their watch xx THANK YOU!
I've been drawing a bit the last few weeks, mostly because I'm out of school and have no job. So i basically have a lot of freetime..

If this is your first time visiting my deviant, then please go comment on my drawings. I actually like comments better than fav. js :-*

Lots of love from Sandra <3
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.. as the title says, I'm sorry. It's my last high school year, and I'm getting my students cap next month. So I've been so busy this last year, and hasn't really had any time to draw, which I miss! I'm just trying to focus on my exams and enjoying the last month with my lovely class. I'm gonna miss them so much.
So be patient with me, I've just been bussy.

<3 Dee
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Oh wow, it's been a while since I posted a journal entry here. I'm very sorry for that!

I know I haven't been the most active and submitted much new art, well, there's a reason for that. I've just been lacking inspiration and the want of drawing. I guess you could say the winter depression definitely got me. I actually started a drawing of all three of the Jonas Brothers a week ago, but I only got Nick done, and then I gave up. I NEED SUMMER!!
Normally I loooooove winter, but this winter have been one of the longest I can remember, and I'm kinda sick of it. I want warmth and pretty colors when I look outside the window.
I'm sorry for the lack of submits, I'll try and do something about it. Don't give up on me (;

xoxo Sandra
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Hello, or Halløj if you're danish ;D
Summer is officially over and I've been in school for little over a week, LAST YEAR!!!
I've been so busy all summer with work so I haven't got the time to draw at all :( I really hope to get some drawing done soon, my hands are itching!!

Even though I had work like all summer, and had 10 days off (yes only 10 days) I've had a really good summer break.
Before summer break and right after finals I went to London with my mom. I got to see Nicholas Jonas in Les Miserables, and it was pretty amazing, js. Like, I was so amazed not only of Nick and his amazing singing and acting skills, but by the whole play. It was really good! I feel really sorry for the fans who didn't have the chance to see it..

Anyways, I hope everybody had a great summer.

<3 Dee
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It's funny, everytime I read that (LONDON BABY) I can't help but think about Joey from Friends :D lol

Anyways, I'M GOING TO LONDON!!! Today, actually in a few hours.
I won't be back before late Sunday, and Monday I'll start at work again. So I'm afraid that I wont get much drawing done :( soo sad, but I have to work if I want money. I'm so very sorry.

I'm seeing Nick Jonas in Les Misérables btw!! I'm so freaking excited. I want to meet him so bad, but I'm not sure my mom is willing to wait in line to meet him. Wish me luck though, I could use it.

Just wanted to wish you all a really good summer, and I promise to try and find some time for drawing.

The best summer hugs and kisses
Dee <3
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Yo yo yo!!

So, I was thinking about a way to grant more viewers and get more comments on my drawings, and I thought why not add some of my art to some groups. That payed off well!!! ha ha
Just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words I've gotten today, and all the faves. Also to the ones I might have missed, because I like to thank you everybody.
I love this place, everybody is so kind. :D

Anyway, enough of my cheezyness, just wanted to say thank you.

<3 Dee
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